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When your soul is calling you to rise up from where ever you are now and move into something greater, let that desire lead you.


Hi.  I’m Arianna Rees.

I’m a trained mental health counselor who has decades of working with women to get to the root cause of their struggles and heal their lives.  I’m an expert in human behavior, spiritual counseling, and holistic health approaches to help you feel better emotionally, mentally, and physically.

I offer life coaching which combines the best of all the helping and healing tools.  Not only will you learn why you do what you do, but you’ll also learn how to change it with all the grace and self-compassion that your spirit longs for.

Mental and emotional work is spiritual work. 

You were made for more!


I help women learn the emotional self-care and self-reliance that they never learned growing up:  The ability to be okay when everything isn’t okay.

You’ll get research-based tools that will naturally flow into unfolding your best self while connecting you to a deeper sense of spirituality.

You get to learn to love yourself in a way that creates freedom and healing in your relationships.

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